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Increase the number of leads to your website
Increase your website traffic
Grow your business
Earn Money


Backlinks are links which direct people who select them back to your website. This backlinks can either be from other pages on your domain or other pages on your site.
Search engines will always rank your website according to its popularity. This popularity is measured by the number of backlinks that link back to your website. Thus the search engines like Google will rank your site higher if it has high quality links compared to other sites that have low quality links.  
How does Backlinks improve your site SEO?
Purchasing or Creating high quality backlinks form the core of infrastructure of a good SEO. A high quality backlink is a link that is verified and it is also from a site that has a High PR (Page Rating), 

.EDU and .GOV backlinks

.Edu and .gov backlinks have a great trust from search engine rather than regular and .org links. Because these domain extensions are only given to “accredited” institutions, they are more “trusted” by the search engines. More “trust” is also assigned to the edu domains because most of these domains are older and well-established (a major plus in most search engine algorithms – especially Google). 

Because of that, this edu/gov link building service will really help you to boost your rank of your website on search engine

Because of that, this edu/gov link building service will really help you to boost your rank of your website on search engine

Link wheels


You may be wondering what link wheels are. Well its simple, Link wheels is an amazing SEO technique that will help skyrocket your page ranking in search engines. It is a whole bunch of websires that all link to each other and then a link back to your main website. This is ucually the website you want to rank in the search engines

What you can get from Link wheels 

  1. Build a tremendous amount of Backlinks to your sitethis is done by implementing with High PR web2.0 sites
  2. Having your site listed in search engines but not only your site also other several properties can be included
  3. Link wheels is instant in that you can see your result in a matter of 48-72 hours. At the same moment building a high Page ranking by backilinking with web2.0 sites 

This will result in  

  1.  More Leads
  2. More Traffic
  3. More Conversions
  4. More Profits
  5. More Sales


Beat your Competition, Generate Massive Traffic to your Website/Online Business

How do you do this?

Generate Backlinks

  1. You give us your website URL,
  2. Once We have your URL, we will generate over 100+ auto approved and verified high page rank back links
  3. 50+ do follow Blog links
  4. 5 custom link wheels

Social Media Marketing

  1. 1 Custom made facebook  fan page
  2. 1Custom made Twitter Account
  3. 1 Custom you tube channel
  4. Guaranteed 100 facebook fans
  5. Guaranteed 100 twitter followers
  6. Guaranteed 100 channel subscribers

SEO articles and videos

  1. I will get keywords from your website and create articles based on them.
  2. The articles will be having links to your website 
  3. This articles will be posted on relevant forums worldwide
  4. 2 custom articles
  5. 2 custom videos

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